Consultancy & Research

Industrial consultancy is a significant area of activity of the Institute. The nature and extent of the industrial consultancy projects undertaken by the institute is an index of its credibility with the industry and is symbolic of the relevance of a centre of excellence in the context of nation’s socio-economic development. 


  1. To create a collaborative environment between industry and academia through joint projects and consulting assignments. 
  2. To develop a self sustaining and technologically fertile environment. 
  3. To encourage and enable the alignment of R&D activities to potential needs of industry.


This is aimed to encourage the faculty to undertake consultancy work and act as a liaison between the institute and industry / Government Bodies to undertake consultancy projects. 

  1. For the requirement originating from the concerned industry, the respective department will assess the feasibility, time and cost required to accomplish the task and nominate a faculty as principal investigator. 
  2. Department and Faculty involved in such consultancy would be permitted to use college resources and students. 
  3. The fund received from sponsoring industry / agency will be distributed amongst the Investigator and other staff involved in the project with a stated amount retained for college facilities.



The institute is Capable to impart Consultancy & Training Services in the following areas 

Civil Engineering Department-

  1. of building materials , such as brick , cement , soil , aggregate , bituminous , etc.,
  2. Testing of concrete cubes/cylinder strength,
  3. c.Concrete beam flexural strength
  4. workability by slump , compaction factor , Vee Bee apparatus,
  5. Mix design of all grade of Cement concrete,
  6. Geo technical investigations on all types of soil ,
  7. Bearing capacity of soil by Plate load Test,
  8. Mix design of bituminous concrete, Dense bituminous macadam (DBM)
  1. Proof checking of structural design of structures ,
  2. Design of RCC structure ,
  3. Design of highway & pavements - strengthening of flexible pavement using Benkelman beam deflection technique.
  4. Traffic Survey


Research projects are also in process in Civil Engg Department on Effective Utilization of Construction and Demolition Waste Concrete


Electrical Engineering Department-

01.Machine Testing :- Testing of Various Electrical Machines (Transformer, Induction Machine, DC Machine) is done. 

02.Instrument Testing :- Testing of Various Electrical Instrument (Voltmeter, Ammeter, Energy Meter, CT, PT, Meggar, Earth Tester) is done. 

03.Load Calculation :- Load calculation of various domestic & commercial building is done


Mechanical Engineering Department-

  1. Bending test, Thickness test and Bold- Shear test of F.R.P Sheets.
  2. Determination of diameter of Deformed Bars.
  3. Bend/ Re-Bend test.
  4. Ultimate Tensile Strength and 0.2 % Proof Strength.
  5. Percentage Elongation.
  6. Strength of Welded Joints.
  7. Calibration of Pressure Gauge.


Computer Science & Engineering Department- 

1.Web site design consulting. 

2.Computer Hardware Quality Assurance.