Mechanical Engineering : Facilities

Lab facilities:

  1. Thermal Engineering Lab
  2. Automobile Engineering Lab
  3. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Machine lab
  4. CAD/CAM lab
  5. Engineering Mechanics Lab
  6. Machine Drawing Lab
  7. Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
  8. Material Technology Lab
  9. Theory of Machine Lab
  10. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab



Purpose of Mechanical laboratory:

  • To understand various mechanical properties of materials. 
  • To study the different component of power plant. 
  • To demonstrate the ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyze data, and report results. 
  • For analysis fluid flow of different passes and surface. 
  • For drafting the different component which required in industry. 
  • To perform mechanism analyses to find the position, velocity, acceleration, and dynamics of multi-bar mechanisms. 
  • To provide a fundamental understanding of the principles of heat transfer due to conduction, convection and radiation. 
  • Understand the basic structure of an automobile.


Workshop Practice:

  1. Welding shop
  2. Fitting shop
  3. Machine shop
  4. Carpentry shop
  5. Molding shop
  6. Pattern shop
  7. Smithy shop


Purpose of workshop practice

  • To understand applications of hand tools and power tools.
  • To understand the operations of machine tools.
  • To Select the appropriate tools required for specific operation.
  • Comprehend the safety measures required to be taken while using the tools.